Food File on Ubuntu

July 12th, 2008

Since I've moved to Linux as my primary desktop (I know, about time), I've been motivated in porting some of my old software. This shouldn't be too difficult, since I try to work in as platform agnostic manner as possible, and when I do use a platform specific API I keep it nice and modular. Food File is probably the most popular app I ever created, although only since I made it free. As a commercial app, it didn't do to well, probably because it didn't get noticed amongst all the diet / food applications for Windows out there, or possibly because I am lousy at marketing.

Food File on linux seems like a good fit, because it is a free wxPython interface to a publicly available data source (USDA Nutrient Database). I was hoping it would run without modification, but it failed on a line that used Windows-style back-slashes in paths rather than forward slashses -- as prefered by linux. After changing 4 such lines, it ran. I was surprised that the fancy OpenGL graphics didn't cause any problems, but it did segfault on the About box, the simplest dialog in the entire app (go figure). I haven't got to the bottom of that yet, but when I do, I will release a Linux version. Here's a screenshot of Food File running under Ubuntu:


I don't have any experience building a Linux package. If the lazyweb would like to help me with that, it would be appreciated!

I think it was this project that started my pie chart fetish. I wonder if there is a support group or something...

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