September 29, 2007 will

Be difficult. Be compelling. But above all—be contrary.

I had a marvelous idea for a website that combines fairly traditional elements from web applications like bulletin boards with elements from Web2.0 sites. I mulled it over for a while, and explained it to a few people—who seemed to like the idea.

The idea is for what I call recreational debating, i.e arguing for the hell of it. A debate consists of a topic of discussion that has two clearly opposing sides, represented by two columns were users can post their arguments. Users can comment on these arguments and also rate them on a scale between -2 and +2, a scheme that Pythonistas will be familiar with. Arguments are ranked according to votes given, so the best argument for each side will naturally rise to the top.

That was over a year ago, I have been hacking away at it since then. I haven't had a great deal of time of to do it, having also written a book in that period, but I managed to deploy it last weekend. I call it, because users are encouraged to post on both sides of the argument, regardless of what they believe in.

Be Contrary

I plan on posting on my experiences creating the site (it was built with Turbogears), but for now I would really appreciate some feedback on the site itself. It has been up for a week, and I have discovered no obvious flaws (which makes me nervous)!

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Michał Bartoszkiewicz

RSS feeds for debates (e.g. give 500 Internal error :(

But the idea is great! :)


Thanks. Fixed! :-)

Marius Gedminas

Will you add OpenID support?


I would like to add OpenID support. I think there may even be a TurboGears plugin for it.


+1 on OpenID support. I almost commented on one of the debates, but didn't cause I didn't want another ID/passwd. Additionally many folks have OpenID (but don't know it) as a side result of using AIM.


Argumentieren was das Zeug hält!...

Ich beschäftige mich gerade etwas mit Python und bin dabei auf einen Blog-Eintrag gestolpert. Will McGugan hatte die Idee des "recreational debating", also des austauschens von Argumenten aus Spaß am argumentieren und hat daraus eine Webs...