My name is Will McGugan, I am a freelance software developer, living in Glasgow.

I specialise in web applications written in Python, particularly with Django. Although, my favourite framework is Moya (an open source web platform created by myself), which powers this blog. I'm a full-stack developer in that I actually enjoy working with HTML, CSS and JS as well as the back-end.

I am the author of Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame

For a less career-oriented post, see /will-mcgugan/.

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A selfie taken June 2016

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dainiel 8 years ago
will,i want to be your Apprentice u have the head i always wish i have .all i need 3o minutes daily.
WIll McGugan 8 years ago
Daniel, best I can offer is my advice! What would you like to know?
Rigoberto Vides 8 years ago
Hi Will, I just got your book. I'll start reading it this week. I'm just starting with python & game development. I hope I've made a good choice with this book.

Have a nice week Will!
Will McGugan 8 years ago
Thanks Rigoberto, hope you enjoy the book!
Matt Maclean 8 years ago
Hi Will, i was wondering if you would be able to give any advice on where to start with 3D programming in python. I was planning on programming a 3D rubik's cube as a summative for a programming class i'm taking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Calvin Robinson 7 years ago
Hi Will,

Is a £20 Scottish note legal tender in the UK?

Kind Regards,

Ruk Cooray 7 years ago

What's the meaning of life? if you say 42 i'll nut you.

the end

Will McGugan 7 years ago
Calvin, the term ‘legal tender’ in the legal sense means a form of currency that must be accepted as payment of debt. In that respect, Scottish money is legal tender in the UK. However it does not mean that shops have to accept Scottish notes as this is defined as a purchase and not payment of debt, but then shops aren't legally obliged to accept English notes either.

Ruk, as a secular humanist, I believe there is no meaning in life other than that which we consciously bestow upon it. Personally, I have decided that the only ‘meaning’ required is to strive to be happy, and to be nice to others.

I trust that answers your questions, gentleman.
Ruk 7 years ago
Mirgorod 7 years ago
Will, your book is awesome! English is not my native language but i understand almost all in this books! It's the best book in my life!
Joshua 6 years ago
Hello Will! I just got your book as well, I'm taking a programming class in High School right now and we've been working with the early chapters of your book so far. I've become really interested in the subject and took the time to pick it up out of school. I wanted to give my sincerest thanks for writing the book. I've journeyed across the internet several times looking for a good programming book on Python, and it appears every other produced one, excluding yours, is for those that are experts at C++ making them extremelly hard to understand. So far, yours has been an easy read and I am actually enjoying reading a technical manual. If that doesn't show the quality of your work, well I have no idea what will.

Kevin 6 years ago
I read most of your python game development book and I like your approach to teaching. Do you have any django tutorials available? I wish you had written a book on Django. You are a talented person.
Will McGugan 6 years ago
Keven, thanks. No Django tutorials here unfortunately. There are some decent Django books from Apress.
Jordan 5 years ago
Hi Will, I found your book on amazon and let me just say I have been looking for a decent pygame and python guide for a LONG time and your's is amazing and meets all my needs. Unfortunately, time goes on and so does the versions of python. I am accustomed to python 3, while your book is based on python 2. As you can imagine suddenly changing isn't easy and is generally not the direction I want to be going. I was just wondering whether you by any chance are thinking about updating the book to accommodate the modern versions of python because it's a fantastic book and I think it is a shame for it to be forgotten.

Thanks so much, hope to see a reply soon!!
hanke9087 5 years ago
Morpheous 5 years ago
Hey Will
Ive been studying your book for over a year. Its great and ive written some great programs. I wrote a program to record your weight, hangman, tic tac toe and also a lotto program. Ive also just learned a bit of Qt and applied your concepts to that and wrote a contact database to use for my business.

Thanks for your contribution to the world. Its really great when a talented person helps others.

Hope you get the results you want also.

Regards Morpheous. (That really is my name as well.)
firdaus 4 years ago
hi will,

i just want to ask you about considering taking Python as serious career. I have heard many stories about programmer who spend 2-3 months to create apps and then sold their apps for questions, is that possible with python ?? can we create commercial python apps which can be sold for million dollars?
Will McGugan 4 years ago
@firdaus That is highly unlikely, but you can make a very good living with Python…
Jan-Bart Spang 4 years ago
Will, I initially found a PDF of your PyGame book on some dodgy and probably illegal Ukrainian website after doing a Google search on “pygame tutorial pdf” and have decided to buy it. It's a great write and I hope it will be of great benefit to me! Keep up the great work!

Will McGugan 4 years ago
@Bart I forgive you for the pirating! Hope you enjoy the book.
Tony 4 years ago

Do you have any plans on coming out with a 2nd edition?

Will McGugan 4 years ago
Not in the near future, I'm afraid!
Suresh 2 years ago
Moya looks interesting.
Nick 2 years ago
Hi Will,

I never do this but I like your book on Pygame and Python so much I felt like I should write to you. Although I have some experience will Dr. Java I have used the first few chapters of your book to learn Python and it is very easy to follow. So thanks for all your work!