February 16, 2008 will

Easy as Pie

To further my bid for the worlds dullest hobby award, I have been creating pie charts. I wanted to investigate generating Povray scene description files with Python. It turns out to be a winning combination; it didn't take long to build a system where I can generate a scene containing pie segments of various colors and angles. I can also vary the height and explode individual pie segments. Povray can render very high quality scenes so this system could be used to make pie charts for television or print.


I will experiment with other charts, bar charts etc. Maybe I'll even generate an animation with it.

This isn't entirely just for the heck of it. I plan to write an article about it for the Python magazine.

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hehe, that looks awesome. I look forward to reading your article dude. Don't forget to do the next part of the facebook app in Turbogears as well ;)


Its already up. Thank goodness for weekends. :-)


Very smart use of POVray, and it makes pie charts not dull :-) I like 3D rendering/modelling very much (although I'm not very good at it) so you've got my full attention.


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