June 14, 2015 will

Moya 0.5.14 released

Today I released v0.5.14 of Moya, my no-Python Python web framework.

The no-Python probably needs some explaining… Moya is written in Python, and can be extended in Python, but runs web applications written in an interpreted language called Moya code (name is uninspired, I know).

This release was primarily driven by development of Bean Counter, a web app that manages virtual currency. Essentially it's online banking for internet based ‘money’, intended for use as a community currency.

In tandem with this release I've also added a couple of re-usable libraries which, I think, add a significant amount of value to Moya. The first is Moya Logins which creates OAuth Sign In buttons, i.e. Sign In with Google etc. The second is Moya Auto, which adds AJAX powered auto-completion to form inputs.

Installing packages for Moya is laughably simple (I'm easily amused). For instance, all that is needed to add a Sign in with Google button to a Moya project is the following:

$ moya-pm install moya-logins --mount /login/
$ moya sync db

You can then copy and paste the oauth keys provided by Google (or other providers) in to a form in the back-end, which will enable the sign-in button(s) in the login form.

I think I've reached a landmark in terms of functionality for Moya, from here I'm going to focus on the documentation and possibly produce some webscasts and tutorials.

See https://www.moyaproject.com/ for more information on Moya, or join the discussion group.

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