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Textualize is Hiring!

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My name is Will McGugan. I am the creator of Rich and Textual, and the founder and CEO of Textualize. At the end of last year I took a year off to work on my Open-source projects and develop an idea that I believe will allow the terminal to eat some of the browser’s lunch. Turns out this idea was compelling enough to attract some sweet sweet VC cash and I am now hiring a third Python developer to join the company.

Working for Textualize

At Textualize we offer a competitive salary, 33 days holiday a year, a health plan, and standard benefits. But more importantly, a friendly and supportive workplace that values work-life balance.

All developers get an M1 Macbook Pro (or similar Windows laptop if you prefer), an external monitor, high quality keyboard, and whatever you need to make your work-day comfortable and productive. I was a developer long before I was a CEO and I know it that anything that helps you get in “the zone” is a worthwhile investment.

We are not looking for 10X Rockstar developers, nor are we moving fast and breaking things. At Textualize the code is the product. We want well thought out APIs backed by solid code, which means taking the time to analyse and iterate so we get it right.

What will you be working on?

You will work closely with myself and other engineer(s) to build Textual, a Python TUI framework which aims to be the easiest way of building a User Interface. Not just within the terminal, but anywhere. Textual is built on Rich, a massively popular Python package, which you will also support and maintain.

We have some interesting problems to solve. Such as how to create a powerful API that even a beginner could pick up within an hour (this is an actual target), how to make the terminal more beautiful, and what we can do to improve accessibility for non-Western language users and the vision-impaired.

In addition to the Open-source projects, you would be contributing to a web service built with a modern async based Python framework. Experience with any Python framework would be useful here, particularly if it is async, and bonus points if you have worked with websockets.

We embrace “building in public” and love Open-source, which means good communication skills are essential. The ability to understand others and express ideas, both spoken and written, is as important to us as technical skills. We will ask you to write documentation! This will be doubly important when we share details of the web service.

You will need excellent Python skills and enjoy using them to solve problems. You should be able to write clever code, but know that properly tested and easy to understand often beats clever. Familiarity with a test framework and good knowledge of type hinting will impress us more.

Web front-end skills are a nice-to-have. You will ideally know enough Javascript to get by and have a good grasp of HTML and CSS. Bonus points if you are familiar with another language(s) in addition to Python and JS.

Who should apply?

Don’t be put off applying if you don’t have all the skills mentioned above. The ideal candidate may bring equally valuable skillsets not mentioned.

A degree is not required for this position. It is more important that you can show us code you have written. Ideally you will have a profile on GitHub or similar service with something you have worked on, or you can at least send us some of your work.

What will the interview process be like?

I’ve been a software developer for 25 years and have first-hand experience of many interview styles. None of which I plan on adopting for Textualize. If you make it to an interview I will sit down with you (or virtual equivalent) and we can talk about your experience in software development. We might go over some of your code and you can explain your thought processes, but I am not going to ask you why manhole covers are round or to reverse a linked list on a whiteboard.

We may ask you to implement something for us in your own time. We would work with you on a GitHub issue and PR so that we can get an impression of what it would be like working together. If we do this, we will pay you for your time.

Where will I work?

We are initially looking for a candidate who can work in our Edinburgh, Scotland office. We will consider remote working or partial remote-working for the right person (must be in or close to UK timezone).

How to apply

If you are interested, please send your CV and examples of your code (GitHub profile would be great) to

Recruiters: please don’t get in touch just yet. If you contact me right now it will set a poor precedence and I’m unlikely to work with you in the future.

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I wish you the very best at hiring people to improve Rich and Textual. They are excellent tools and you deserve all the recognition!