February 4, 2008 will

Virtual Microbes

I hacked together a Facebook application recently. I was looking in to integrating Becontrary.com with Facebook, but I had an idea for a simple app that would help me learn the ropes with FB. Its called Virtual Microbes -- the idea is that you give your friends a virtual disease and encourage them to pass it on. You gain a point each time you give a friend a microbe and each time a friend (or friend of friend) passes it on, which has the potential for exponential growth. Its completely pointless, and couldn't exist outside of the social networking sandbox, but it gave me the opportunity to experiment with integrating Turbogears with Facebook's application system. There was some pain initially, but ultimately it went smoothly. I'll write up my experiences with it, and give away some of the code soon.

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I look forward to seeing how it goes.

tzury bar yochay

cool, just installed.
let's see what will come out


That sounds very interesting ! I'm really eager to see your code :)


I don't think you should worry about an application being pointless on Facebook. I think there's a lot of pointlessness on there but tons of my friends are into such pointlessness. Never quite got into the Zombie application.

Regardless, I would be glad to infect people for you when you get the Microbe app up and running.


Its up and running. Feel free to infect away!