You are reading the blog of Will McGugan. This page is more about me as an individual (as much as I'd like to give away). See /about/ for a more career oriented page.

A Canon 400mm f5.6, and me.

Here's a few things which apply to me:


I grew up in a small-ish town in Scotland, famous for smoked fish and for playing the highest scoring football game in history. I studied in Aberdeen, and worked in the games industry in Glasgow for many years.

My accent is Scottish, although I'm often mistaken for being Irish. Which I find odd, but when an Irishman thinks you sound Irish, there must be something in it.

I love Scotland, although I'm not particularly nationalistic. Because everyone asks... I did support independence, more because I have issues with successive UK governments and figured Scotland could go in a better direction.


I've been a humanist for most of my life. Even before I had heard of the term. Essentially it means that I believe in a code of ethics based purely on reason without any reference to superstition or a deity.

What do we want? Evidence based change. When do we want it? After a peer review.


This should be self-evident; I built the software that runs this blog from scratch. I love technology in particular, but its not the only subject I'm geeky about (although probably the only one I can claim to be an expert in).


I love photography. It appeals to me because it is about the mastery of something technical, as well as an art. Photography has made me more adventurous with travel, which is essential for my 100 animals project.


Not a serious runner. I have no desire to run a marathon, for example. But I am somewhat addicted; I get itchy feed if I haven't run for a few days. I tell people I run to stay healthy and keep the waistline down. In reality, I want to survive the zombie apocalypse. Just hope those zombies can't run more than 10K.

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what about Jedism? shirley! gotta subscribe to that ism
Rafiq Islam there any version of pygame for android?if,yes,then send me the link