August 19, 2006 will

Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z!

In my new job I just don't get the exercise I used to. Sure I can do a little resistance training at home so I don't look too out of shape, but you have to do a little cardio if you want to stay young and pretty for as long as possible. So I decided to resurrect a hobby of mine from my youth and bought a bicycle from a local shop in Chester. It really is true what they say; you never forget how to ride a bike - although my legs did seem to have forgotten they were strong. So I have spent the last 2 weekends cycling about Chester in glorious weather, and enjoyed it immensely.

Even though it had been raining most of the day I set out to find a route down to the river Dee, which is a stones throw away from my flat. On the way there I am free-wheeling down a fairly steep hill and even though it had started to rain I'm feeling pretty good. Nearing the bottom of the hill it occurs to me that I'm travelling a little too fast, so - naturally - I apply the brakes. At the same time I notice that I'm drifting towards the kerb and I compensate by turning the handle bars in the opposite direction, but I must have over compensated because now Im heading in to the road, so again I try to compensate. This little wobble, combined with braking on a slippy wet road at speed led to a situation where the bike slowed down but I didn't. So I find myself leaving the bike and completely at the mercy of the laws of physics. Fortunately my cat like reflexes saved me and I managed to hit the pavement (sidewalk if you are American) and roll to safety. Only my right hand sustained an injury. I don't think anyone saw the fall, it was a quiet road, but a local did stop his car to say "y'aright?" - they say that a lot in Chester. I suppressed my natural instinct for inappropriate sarcasm and replied in the affirmative.

The WoundMy camera was in a pouch on my belt secured by a stud, but it had managed to come loose during the fall and bounce on the road a few times. Fortunately, unlike my hand is was unscathed. And was still able to record the horrible horrible injuries I received. If you are the squeamish type then frankly it is too late, you have seen the thumbnail and are probably thoroughly revolted by now. Otherwise click the thumbnail or visit the set on my flickr page to seen the pictures I took. Now you will have to excuse me, I'm going to walk down to the video shop to get a tub of ice-cream and a movie.
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