August 12, 2006 will

Mirren's Wedding

My cousin Mirren got married recently, and I went to her wedding. I'm not going to bore you with details of people you don't know - this is not one of those blogs. If you are interested though, have a look at the pictures on my flickr page.

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Kenny MacMillan
Hi Will,
This is an unusual request but perhaps you can help me. I was at college with Mirren a few years ago when we were both going into the treework field.
Last I spoke to Mirren she was looking for something else and had decided to change career. We subsequently have lost touch as often seems the way.
Anyway if you can pass a message to her that the company I work for is looking for a climber presently. She is probably not interested but she may well know someone who might be.
My employer is Wilson Jamieson and we work mainly in the Scottish Borders area his no is 07831178069 or 01896758902
Many thanks