March 10, 2009 will

I am a Billionaire!

$50 billion note

This is what $50 billion looks like.

My little sister has returned from her travels in darkest Africa and has brought back great treasures indeed. Behold, the $50,000,000,000 note! And I didn't even need to help a Nigerian widow transfer the money out of the country.

I know what you are thinking – it's great to be wealthy, but what about all the begging letters? Well, I guess I can stop sending them now.

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Jakub Rachon
Well done:-)
Can I have one?
Will McGugan
No you can't have one. If we were both billionaires that might devalue the currency!
Zimbabwe recently printed a trillion dollar note, so you're behind the curve ;) I've suggested that the ZRB move to scientific notation for their notes, but at 1,000,000+% inflation, even those notes would need to be continuously revised.
I love these scams. I love it even more that you won't share your wealth. Development, paid in knowledge and banners, typical.