February 16, 2009 will

Django Tech Blog

The new Django blog system I have been working on is virtually finished, I'm just testing it at the moment. Now I know that by writing my own blog system I will miss out on all the capabilities of a full featured and mature system, such as Wordpress; but my new system -- which I call Django Techblog -- has a few features that Wordpress doesn't, but more importantly, it works just the way I want it to.

One of those new features is the ability to insert syntax highlighted code in to comments, which is very useful for a techy blog! I've created a post on the beta site, and I'd like to invite you to pop over and test the commenting system. I'll delete the comments when I'm satisfied it is working nicely and I can replace www.willmcgugan.com. So feel free to play about with it...


Any comments about the design or general functionality of the blog would also be welcome!

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Daniel Murray

Hi, it looks great. Will you consider releasing the source code?


Actually, yes. Its in stealth mode at the moment, till I make sure there are no exploits. But after that I'll release it as open source...


Are there any non-visible (to us) features to this blog code?
e.g., xmlrpc, support for blog clients, or other features you desired?

– joe
WIll McGugan

There are a few non-apparent features. Nothing radically different, to be honest, its more that there is a greater degree of flexibility that most blog systems. I was planning to blog about it today, but I spent the last two hours tracking down a stupid bug! :-(
Great stuff !
Danny Morgan
I ran into difficulties due to an interaction between pickle and postgresql. I found an updated version of PickledObjectField code snippet http://djangosnippets.org/snippets/1694/ which I used to modify the the fields.py and it now works. A copy of the modified file is at http://djangosnippets.org/snippets/2098/[/url.