June 16, 2008 will

Looking for a Python Role In London

Its seems I'm on the job-market again.

I'm a software developer with over 10 years experience. I'm looking for a role working with Python, which has been the focus of my career for the last 18 months. Prior to that I worked with a mixture of C/C++ and Python. Ideally I'm looking for something in web development as I enjoy working with HTML / CSS and Javascript, but I'm open to other fields that may interest me. I have experience working with Turbogears and Django, as well as many other Python modules and technology.

I enjoy developing software outside of a work environment, and have created several games, applications, web sites, and open source Python modules. My blog is probably the best place to find out more about my spare time projects, see my Python articles for more information.

I'm also an author, having written a book about game development with Python. So I like to think I am a good communicator.

I'd like a full-time position, but I would consider contract work. I'm based in London, so anything in central London would be ideal. Please get in touch if you have a suitable role or would like to know more. I'm available for immediate start.

my email

Mobile: 07722 531972

No recruiters please. And by no recruiters, I mean no recruiters.

Update: I have updated my CV (willmcgugancv.pdf)
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