July 5, 2007 will

Happy New Year!

What do you mean its not the new year? Yesterday was 32 AW, today is 33 AW. That's After Will. Which also makes it my birthday.

Last year was pretty good, career-wise and on a personal level. I use the term 'career' rather loosely because it implies some kind of direction. I don't learn skills because they are commercial - it's just blind luck that I manage to make a living out of them. And it seems like the skills I do learn can be a little niche, but that can often work to my advantage. For instance, my first 2 jobs involved writing software polygon rasterizers for games, at a time when 3D graphics cards were becoming popular. Even Python is a little niche, it certainly was when I started using it. But I'm now working full time with Python, and writing a book about it. I'm confident that it is a skill-set that is on the rise, and wont go the way of software polygon rasterizers!

On a personal level, last year was pretty good. I met my girlfriend last year, and I'm planning to move to London with her. Which may be quite a culture shock for someone raised in a small town in North East Scotland! I suspect it will be kind of like Crocodile Dundee, only without the boomerang.

Sorry for the self-indulgent post. I don't do it very often. All the best for 33 AW.

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Mark Melvin

Happy Bir...err..New Year!....? ;)


Thanks. :) And a happy new year to you too!

Richard Jones

Happy new year :)


Hi Crocodile Dundee.Don't worry .London isn't too scary.I will take care of you Will!