I've just released version 2.0.3 of PyFilesystem.

PyFilesystem is an abstraction layer for filesystems (or anything that resembles a filesystem). See this post for more details.

New in this version is a TarFS filesystem contributed by Martin Larralde, which compliments ZipFS nicely.

Contributed by gpcimino, the copy module was extended new functionality to selectively copy only new files from one filesystem to another. Very useful for backups.

This is in addition to bugfixes, and improved documentation.

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Bill Gaylord

The extension to copy is very useful. I will be using it to make a incremental backup system. (Sort of like a version control system)

:D Still miss the expose stuff but I fully understand why they aren't in the main code base. (Its very annoying trying to maintain something you did not write.... :( )