I haved worked on a variety of project in my spare-time, some of which I have released as Open Source. Here are a few of my projects available on Google Code:

Sore Thumb

Sore Thumb is a Django application that processes images and turns them in to thumbnails, with additional effects such as rounder corners and keylines. See /tag/sorethumb/ for more information.


PyFilesystem or (FS), is a Python module that abstracts disparate file-systems. At a basic level it simplifies file / directory access and reduces the changes of errors, but it can also be used to allow the developer to work remote file systems as easily as if they were locally. See /tag/fs/ form more information.


Django Techblog is the blogging application that powers this site. See /tag/techblog/ for posts about Techblog.

Game Objects

Game Objects is a Python module to simplify writing games, and includes fast Vector and Matrix classes.


Postmarkup is a Python module to translate bbcode (a simple markup developed for Forum applications) to HTML. It has grown in to a very flexible system that can be used to create simple markup languages. The content in this site is written in a Postmarkup dialect.


A Python module to parse streamed netstrings, which can form the basis of an efficient network protocol.

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http://www.willmcgugan.com/category/game-objects/ link given on google code for GAME OBJECTS by you is not working!!!
Will McGugan
Sanchit, thanks – fixed now.
Mike Farmer
Did you create the “ChessCommander” software? If so does the Lite version have any future; I just found tat on a site and think it is perfect for my practice when I'm out and about with my netbook. Any suggestions - I do like the program.
Thank you. MAF
Will McGugan
Mike, I did create Chess Commander, but recently retired it. The software hasn't been updated in more than 2 years. If you would like a full license, send me an email and I'll send you a key.

Hello Will,

I have stumbled upon PyFilesystem project and its really impressive.
I was able to write my own virtual filesystem in hours and make it exposed using pyftpdlib. AWESOME!

I had to patch both pyftpdlib and PyFilesystem to make it work, as it had (month ago) few bugs. Still i liked it a lot.

But there is a big problem:
I do not see a way to write bug reports or contribute patches without being logged into google account.
As you might already know, google is evil. How much? Just use any search engine to search for words “google prism cia nsa”. Google, in essence, is a spying operation, even worse than this Facebook is.

Thats why i made it a policy for myself and my family to not use google/facebook accounts. I believe there are many other people like me… and need for google account is really big barrier for us. We do not like to have our mails processed by evil companies. So please, get away from google.

You should also consider leaving SVN, as it is obsolete. Please take look at git (best) or mercurial (still good)… and possibly use GitHub or BitBucket. Moving to such servers (preferably GitHub) might help you find more contributors. You can find 18 clones of pyfilesystem on Github, as many people saved theirs forks there.

You could pretty much just make official clone on github just to make sending patches easier (and i could help you with that, if you need a hand). But it would be really better to leave google and svn for good.

Please, make it easier for me and others to contribute… Maintaining my own patches and forks is not really big fun. Thanks in advance!
Hi Dave,

Google code / SVN was the best choice when I started PyFileystem in 2008. I would like to move to move to Git or Mercurial, but there is no immediate compelling (technical) reason to migrate – since it seems to be working for us. It may happen though, I'm no fan of SVN.

Not sure I concur with your privacy concerns for information that is public anyway. I can understand it for email, but then if you are using any third party for email and aren't encrypting your email you can't be sure someone isn't snooping.

In the meantime, if you would like to submit fixes, I'm happy to accept patches by email!