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Costa Rica Trip Report 2017

Wildlife photography can require great hardship on the part of the photographer; days of trekking, battling the elements, biting insects, etc. — all while carrying 20 kilos of camera gear.

This was not the case for my recent trip to Costa Rica, which was as close to luxury you can get in the Rainforest, if you don't mind the lack of air-conditioning and occasional oversize bug in your cabin.

My girlfriend and I stayed in El Romanso, an eco-lodge on the Osa Peninsula. Located in primary rainforest overlooking the Pacific ocean, it is an beautiful place, abundant with wildlife. Most of which I photographed from the lodge restaurant, which had been constructed on stilts to put you at eye level with monkeys and toucans.

The Photos

The lodge offered a birdwatching tour, with a highly knowledgable guide. I liked this shot for its simple composition, and the elegance of the bird.

A Capuchin troop would pass by the restaurant most days, entertaining us with terrifying looking jumps. Even females with young clinging to their fur would dive headfirst in to branches, covering huge gaps from one tree to the next.

You couldn't get a more iconic Costa Rican bird than the Toucan!

Iguanas are good subjects. This guy was quite happy to pose for some time without making any discernible movements. Only challenge of this photo was exposing for the lizard without blowing out the bright sky behind.

Spider monkeys are remarkable for their 4 fingered hands which aid them in swinging around the trees.

I didn't see them quite so often as the capuchin monkeys. Only on the last day, did they come down from the high branches.

She said Yes

El Remanso, and Costa Rica in general, is an an excellent place for wildlife photography. Although in this particular trip, wildlife photography was only a secondary reason for going. My primary reason for visiting was to propose to my girlfriend, which I'm happy to report went very well!

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I'm very happy for you as well.