Posts in January, 2009

Since Net Communities have their new developer, I can post the coder test I wrote to find a replacement. The test was not meant to be particularly challenging, and we only requested that developers do one out of the three problems. Most developers did all three--presumably in an effort to impress--but nobody got all three correct, first time around. That was probably my fault, because the third problem had a subtle issue that is easy to overlook.

I'll quote the problems here, including typos. Occasionally the way I phrased things was slightly ambiguous, but I didn't penalize if the candidate misunderstood a requirement due to my use of language.

Example input:








Example output:

microsoft 3

apple 2 continue reading…

I've been working on a blog system in Django lately. I know, I know. Everyone is working on a blog system in Django. I'll discuss how I justify writing a new blog system when there is Wordpress and some excellent existing blog apps for Django. For now, I would like your opinion on the basic design. Here's a screenshot. Be honest, but if you think it sucks, you may make me cry -- I've been working on it for weeks!