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Rich has become a popular (20K stars on GH) way of beautifying CLIs, and I'm pleased to see a number of projects using it.

Since Rich is mature and battle-tested now, I had considered winding-down development. Until, I saw this tweet:

Do you want to see something really cool you can do with @willmcgugan 's rich library?

Checkout ghtop It's a really fun CLI tool that demonstrates the power of rich (and other things).

Examples below 🧵👇 (1/8)

— Hamel Husain (@HamelHusain)

@HamelHusain and @jeremyphoward used Rich to enhance ghtop (a repo owned by the CEO of Github, no less). Ghtop shows a realtime a stream of events from the Github platform. And it looks good! So good that I realised how much potential Rich has for these type of htop-like applications. continue reading…