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Looking for an experienced Python Developer

My client, WildFoundry, is looking for an experienced Python developer to join us. We work in the field of IoT, and you will get to work with a variety of really cool technologies. Here's the job description:

Job Description

WildFoundry is seeking a senior Python web application developer on a 8 month contract to help us in the development of the dataplicity Internet-of-Things platform ( You would be expected to work from your home or own office most of the time and very high quality candidates based in Slovakia, Poland and the United Kingdom will be considered.

This is an unbeatable opportunity to work from home, earn excellent rates and join in with fast growing projects.

Our web application runs on a combination of Python and django, and we’re really pushing the boundaries of what we can do with both of them. You will be challenged. You’ll be playing with everything from Amazon and Linode services to embedded PCs, and a bunch of new web technologies. You’ll be writing daemons, UI for django apps, code for embedded systems, websockets.

We are seeking a top calibre developer well regarded in the community. If you’ve contributed code to OSS apps or have just built something awesome, be sure to mention it when applying. We have new requirements coming on steam almost every other week and thus it’s likely excellent devs will see their contracts extended further.

Skills & Requirements

  • Excellent Python developer (5+ years)
  • Familiarity with web protocols (HTTP, websockets)
  • Familiarity with Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON
  • Linux (Ubuntu)

Please note we do direct agreements only and are not open to agencies.


WildFoundry is an R&D group focussing exclusively on IoT devices. Some of our technology is already on the market via our distribution partners (eg and, but most of it is still under wraps.

We are based in Oxford, UK, but we’ve got developers and hardware engineers in the UK, Slovakia and Australia.

As a matter of policy, we do direct agreements only and are not open to agencies. There are no exceptions.


If this sounds like you, please apply here.

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