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Python Job Alert

My employer is looking for a new Python developer to work here in Oxford, UK. The company I work for runs 2degreesnetwork.com, which is collaboration service for sustainable business. Basically, it's a social networking type of site for businesses to collaborate on climate change and related issues. I'm not officially allowed to say this, but the closest analogy is ‘Facebook for Businesses’.

The Office

This is the office. Ignore the man in the far corner, he is just a hobo that wandered in.

The site is built with Django, so obviously Django experience would be a bonus, but experience with any MVC framework would be valuable. We're looking for someone who isn't necessarily a specialist and who doesn't mind getting to grips with new technology and dabbling in the front-end from time to time.

You will be working in a very relaxed working environment with a diverse bunch of characters. The full job description is below, but all you really need to know is that you will be working with yours truly!

If you are interested, Email your CV to james DOT tarin AT 2degreesnetwork DOT com.

Would you like to do something genuinely useful with your Software Development skills (Python/Django)?

2degrees is an exciting, fast-paced, well-funded Web2.0 environmental networking business based in Oxford, UK and Washington, US.

We're looking for a top-notch software developer eager to work with our talented team to evolve our django-based application to meet the demands of our members and corporate partners (Cisco, AEA Technology, MITIE Energy, Ecosecurities)

2degrees’ purpose is to accelerate the speed at which businesses are able to implement sustainability and carbon reduction strategies on a global scale. We now have over 4000 members including sustainability professionals from companies such as HSBC, Coca-Cola, BASF, Sony, Marks & Spencer, BP, Shell, Eurostar, Sainsbury’s, Hewlett Packard and Royal Mail.

Top reasons why our development team think you may like to work with 2degrees:

  1. We have an inclusive, open and merit based design process
  2. Your opinion will not only be valued, it will be sought
  3. You’ll be contributing to something that will save lives
  4. We ‘re building a business of global scale
  5. We offer a sociable work environment with lots of independence
  6. You’ll be involved throughout the development lifecycle

The Role:

You will be integral to the team and the ongoing development of our product, and will be at the forefront of the action, working directly to build the features that our users need.

Our regular release schedule means that your new features will be rolled out rapidly, for consumption by an appreciative user base.

Examples of some of the things we have been working on recently are:

  • Subscription management and payment gateway integration
  • Providing tiered levels of functionality for different member classes
  • Improving the support that our platform gives for online and offline events
  • An entire graphic redesign of our site - soon to be released (it’s great).

Some of the stuff we will be working on soon:

  • Improving the support that our platform gives for online and offline events
  • Rewriting our registration process
  • Rewriting the way in which we communicate updates to our members
  • Using Rabbit MQ to manage async./OOB processes

Is this the role for you? Yes, if you:

  • Love solving problems independently or as a member of a talented team.
  • Are completely fluent in Python, and are familiar with web frameworks and the MVC paradigm
  • Have an open and inquisitive mind about new technologies, picking them up rapidly with an eye to integration into your existing skill set
  • Are familiar with version control, a bonus if it's a distributed system (we use Mercurial)
  • Want to work in a fast-paced environment where you have to be a flexible thinker to get the job done
  • Are focused on solving problems and don't give up until you've fixed them
  • Enjoy working in a tight-knit team of like-minded individuals
  • Are driven to continually improve the way that we/you work


  • Working day-by-day with open-source tech such as Python, Django, RabbitMQ, Debian, Postgres etc.
  • A nice office full of people who are free to be themselves
  • Managers and business people who appreciate technical staff
  • A competitive salary (salary dependent upon experience)

More about 2degrees:

  • We're backed by world-class investors
  • We’re motivated by trying to improve the world we live in
  • We’re getting a fantastic response to our service offering from the marketplace
  • We are incredibly open to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Our founders have a proven business track record

To apply:

Send us your CV and tell us about some of the things that you have been doing. Email james.tarin[at]2degreesnetwork[dotcom] and we’ll be back in touch.

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Its true, I am just a hobo that wondered in, that's not my desk, and I don't do any work.. especially not on a Tuesday!

For anyone considering this position: get your CV in, we're a friendly and relaxed bunch.

Have you ever tried to outsource your project or part of your project? We are group of talented english-speaking Django developers from Ukraine, Kyiv (Europe, GMT +2). We have Skype, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk to communicate and green tea to make our work fast :)

Email if you're interested.


I can vouch that the offices are lovely, the location is great, and the people are interesting – I used to work just down the hall. In fact, it's rather odd that I haven't recognized people or places off this blog before!
Max Battcher
This sounds like an interesting position. Any interest in interviewing a recent graduate from the US?
Will McGugan
Nikolai, were are looking for someone in-house I'm afraid.

Necaris, small world. I started in January, When were you here?

Max, It's possible. Contact the email in the post for more information.
Tom C
For shame Will!

We are in no way a “social networking type of site” any more than we are a “Facebook for Businesses”… repeat after me: “2degrees is an open-innovation platform focused on leveraging stakeholder synergies towards dynamic milestone actioning in an online/offline glocal sustainability space”

Simple really….. :-)
Hi Will,

I've sent an email over to James with some of my details, CV, etc.

I just noticed and thought it was too much of a coincidence not to mention, that we both used to work at playfire :) Not at the same time of course.

What a small world!
Brennig Jones
That's very interesting - the product, not the vac. Have your people approached NERC and made them aware of the tool? I can suggest contact names if not.