July 10, 2007 will

Postmarkup 1.0.5

Just uploaded a new version of Postmarkup (1.0.5), my bbcode parsing engine. The only significant change was a fix to a potential thread safety issue. It would only have occurred if you used the [list] tag, and even then only rarely (if at all). I figured it would be worthwhile since many people are using it in the context of a multi-threaded web application.

I decided not to bother with a win32 installer since its only a single Python file, and can be installed with easy_install. Use the following command line to install, or upgrade, Postmarkup.

easy_install -U postmarkup

If anyone really wants a win32 installer then let me know, I'll probably oblige.

See the Postmarkup homepage on Google Code for more information.

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Hi Will!

I ran into some issues regarding xhtml strict with your module.
Basically the problem is the unpredictable mixture of block and inline tags from the userside.

I have not decided yet whether I will add some logic to the module, and it kind of depends if you are willing to accept patches and / or give access to the repository.

If one of this is ok, drop me a note.

Kind regards,