December 20, 2008 will

Python / Django job in London

My current employer, Net Communities, is looking for a Python / Django developer to replace me -- I'm moving to Oxford to work on a very interesting Django site. I can honestly say that Net Communities has been a fun place to work, and if it wasn't for the fact that I'd prefer to live in a smaller place than London, I would still be there. Net Communities is based in Farringdon, London. See the job ad for more details.

To filter out the developers who are bluffing, I have devised a series of programming tests, each more fiendish and difficult than the next. Actually, they aren't difficult at all. The tests are just some of the typical tasks that you might need to do for a Django site. You will be sent a link to the test if you apply.

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Dougal Matthews

I'd like to see the tests, just for fun ;) I'd consider applying if I were in a different situation than I am now.

How about you make the the tests public (maybe after your replacement is found)?

Ted Hosmann

I too, like Dougal, am not interested in the job - but very interested in a little django trivia. Let us know when and where we can try out the quiz.

Calvin Robinson

It's a good test Will, well thought out. Definitely post it on here when you find a replacement.


I applied but as of yet I have not received a link to the test. hmmm...


C try using our contact form again


Ruk, I just filled in the contact form again, and nothing still. Is it meant to happen automagically or is someone checking each e-mail?

If it is automatic, then what should the subject line be (surely you have to catch it somehow)?

I am pasting in my CV as text, am I going over some database field length limit or something? Interestingly, when I check "Send me a copy" I do indeed get a copy.

Oh I also noticed that there is two entry points to your contact page:

not sure if that is related to anything, I was using the first one though.

Brandon Thomson

Wish I could afford to relocate, I'm dying for a Django/Python job... Can I take the test for fun?