Posts in April, 2009

Fuzzy Matching video on Webucator

Nat Dunn of Webucator has created the following video based on my post about Sublime Text Fuzzy Matching with Javascript:

There's a lot more interesting content on his Webucator channel. I recommend checking it out!

There's always a way

Where there is a Will, there is always a way.

Spotted in a deli in Oxford. It says ‘Where there is a Will, there is always a way’.

Thats right – always a way!

Just saying.

Fuzzy Thinking

I have an idea germinating that involves using fuzzy logic, something I only had a passing knowledge of. After reading the Wikipedia articles and Googling for it I'm more informed but still haven't found a perfect resource.

The only Python code I have found was informative, but it was from way back in 1990. If there are any Pythonistas who know of a more up-to-date fuzzy logic module, or fuzzy logic resource in general, please let me know!

Looking for an experienced Python Developer

My client, WildFoundry, is looking for an experienced Python developer to join us. We work in the field of IoT, and you will get to work with a variety of really cool technologies. Here's the job description:

WildFoundry is seeking a senior Python web application developer on a 8 month contract to help us in the development of the dataplicity Internet-of-Things platform ( You would be expected to work from your home or own office most of the time and very high quality candidates based in Slovakia, Poland and the United Kingdom will be considered.

This is an unbeatable opportunity to work from home, earn excellent rates and join in with fast growing projects. continue reading…