Posts in February, 2015

I never intended to write a template system for Moya. Originally, I was going to offer a plugin system to use any template format you wish, with Jinja as the default. Jinja was certainly up to the task; it is blindingly fast, with a comfortable Django-like syntax. But it was never going to work exactly how I wanted it to, and since I don't have to be pragmatic on my hobby projects, I decided to re-invent the wheel. Because otherwise, how do we get better wheels? continue reading…

The feed for this Blog has been broken for a while. I knew it was down; somebody was kind enough to alert me on twitter. I've been procrastinating fixing it because a) the Django code I wrote to power this blog is old and crusty, and b) I've been busy with another project. I only got around to fixing it now, because I have something to announce. Stay tuned.

Can't believe the last time I posted a blog was 2013. Where does time go.