May 15, 2007 will

I want

I use my laptop for instant messaging and picking up my email while I'm working. It's not quite as good as having dual monitors but it means I can easily work and chat / refer to emails without having to shuffle windows about. Occasionally I need to transfer something from the laptop to my main machine - which can be a pain because I have to minimize windows, find the file, drag it on to a shortcut then find it on the other desktop. What I want is to be able to access the clipboard on the laptop from my main work PC, so that all I would have to do to copy a file from my laptop would be to copy it to the clipboard then press, say Shift+Ctrl+V on the other machine to suck it over the network. And I want it to work with text, urls and anything else that can be copied to the clipboard. And I want it to be free. :-)

And I want a pony!

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Tim Golden

I believe Synergy will do some of this. Worth investigating, at any rate.



That's an excellent tool. Thanks!

Now where is my pony?


I was going to suggest Synergy, as well. It's great.

Mike Taylor

I'm glad to see that synergy has already been mentioned - I use it daily and love it.

hmm, pony - one small beer bottle coming your way.


If they are both windows computers
works great for sending a super-clipboard over the network.
I just set it up with my cubicle mate for network transfers and it is super easy.

Tim Golden

There's always something useful out there you've never heard of! (You can call that "Golden's Law"). Thanks, Matt, for the ditto link.