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Raising little monsters

XenomorphA few years ago I had a tank of sea monkeys. If you are not familiar with sea monkeys - they are a kind of brine shrimp that has been marketed as a kids toy. They come as a little sachet of eggs with a plastic tank. You add water and they hatch within hours. It's the most marvelous, stress-busting executive toy you can buy. I loved my sea monkeys so much, it inspired me to write an artificial life demo (for PC).

I was thinking of buying some more of these beasties, but I ended up purchasing triops, which are a similar type of instant life crustacean. They are a little bigger than sea monkeys, and carnivorous (sea monkeys just filter nutrients from the water)! Strangely though, they are a little harder to raise. The sea monkeys were almost self-sufficient; eventualy algae grew in the tank and you didn't have to feed them any more. The triops are more fussy, they need water at a specific temperature, regular feeding and water changing.


The gravel and nutrient bag have been soaking over-night. Today I shall add the eggs to the water, and by tomorrow I should have a dozen or so hatchlings!

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[...] first job in games by writing a 3D graphics demo,  subsequent games jobs were off the back of an AI life demo I wrote, and I’m sure that one of the reasons I got a job with was that I had [...]


I read similar article also named Raising little monsters, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me


ive started raisin em im getting the tank read except im not startin em today cuz i dont have a lamp thats requried so insyead i just got the tank ready today however i know what to do cuz of all these comments plus all night ive been looking this crud up and suprisingly have learned and figured things out myself. Hope tommorow when we get em ready there beast!


sorry about "ive started raisin em" i just got overwhelmed by the fact that i would get to experience triops,peace!