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Spam spam spam

I hate it so much. I've had for many years, and in the early days I was complacent about posting my email address in newsgroups / BBs etc. Consequently I get an impressive amount of spam. I use SpamBayes, which worked great in the beginning, but now training it seems almost as much effort as deleting the spam manually.

Since I can't nuke the spammers from orbit, I've restricted my email address to . Unfortunately this means that you will no longer be able to email me at or (sorry). I have also enabled SPF on my domain. I'm not exactly clear on what that is, but claim it will cut down on spam, so I am giving it a go.

If you are reading this within 24 hours of the post, please send me a brief test email. If you don't get a brief test reply by tomorrow, then please post a comment to let me know.

And if you have any other tips for reducing spam - let me know!

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Samat Jain

Enabling SPF on your domain doesn't cut down on the spam you receive, it's an altruistic thing to make sure when you send e-mail, others can verify that it came from you.

You can enable SPF checking on your e-mail server or client, but since most domains still don't have SPF records setup, the actual benefit is pretty close to nil...


Thanks for the explanation!


I find SpamBayes works best behind a more traditional spam filter that is set to "low" sensitivity.

I can then rely on SpamBayes to even rescue some email that I thought was spam on first glance.



Try signing up for the free Google Apps for Domains. They'll host your mail server, and allow you to POP and SMTP. They also have a pretty decent spam filter.