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It appears that all the domain names have been taken - 90% of them by crappy domain name sitting companies. This really ticks me off because I have an idea for an Ajaxy Web 2.0 type site that will make me obscenely wealthy, until the next bubble bursts. Naturally I can't give out details of the site I have in mind, suffice to say it is on the subject of debating. So I would love to get a simple, catchy domain, that says debating, arguing, duscusion or similar. If anyone can suggest such a domain that isn't taken, I would be happy to give you 100 shares when I float on the stock market. And if you are thinking of reserving said domain name and selling it to me, be aware that I have no money - at least until I get venture capital. continue reading…

I hate it so much. I've had willmcgugan.com for many years, and in the early days I was complacent about posting my email address in newsgroups / BBs etc. Consequently I get an impressive amount of spam. I use SpamBayes, which worked great in the beginning, but now training it seems almost as much effort as deleting the spam manually.

Since I can't nuke the spammers from orbit, I've restricted my email address to . Unfortunately this means that you will no longer be able to email me at studmuffin@willmcgugan.com or youreallyrockmyworldiwanttohaveyourbabies@willmcgugan.com (sorry). I have also enabled SPF on my domain. I'm not exactly clear on what that is, but easydns.com claim it will cut down on spam, so I am giving it a go. continue reading…

Today I played chess with my good friend Will. I had fun but after a dozen draws I got bored. It turns out we are quite evenly matched.

It has come to my attention that there is a woman on the internet demanding that everyone sends her a postcard. She actually expects us to go out of our way to purchase a postcard and a stamp and send them to her. In return for what? Absolutely nothing! The audacity of this woman, the bare faced cheek!

I expect you are as disgusted with all of this as I am, and I urge you to contact this crazy postcard lady and explain to her in no uncertain terms how inappropriate her behaviour really is. Write your grievances on the back of a postcard and mail it to her. With bit of luck we can block her doorway with cards and bring an end to this nonsense once and for all! You can find her address on www.sendmeapostcard.org.