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The following is a list of the chapter titles for Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame, and a brief explanation of the contents.

Any questions about the book contents, let me know!


Introduction to basic Python.

Goes a little deeper in to Python, covers Classes.

Explains how import and use Pygame.

Covers different ways of drawing to the screen.

Explains animation, vectors and time-based movement.

Covers how to read input devices and connect them to in-game motion.

Covers artificial intelligence.

Explains the basic 3D concepts, with samples.

Covers 3D maths and introduces OpenGL.

Sound and Music.

Covers textures and reading 3D models from files.

Covers lighting, blending, fog and other OpenGL features.


I promised to write up a report on my experiences building with Python and the TurboGears framework. An earlier post explains the concept of the site, and what it is intended for. continue reading…

You find yourself in a dark cellar with some other frightened people taking refuge from an outbreak of zombies which roam the land around the house, but as far as you know haven't made it inside. There are enough supplies and water to survive in the cellar for a few days, if you need to. Naturally you don't want to either die from thirst or from being eaten alive by hoards of the undead.

My book, Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame, is finally finished! It was a labor of love, and a lot of work. Apress have graciously allowed me to give away a free chapter.

I chose chapter 7, which is on the subject of Artificial Intelligence. I selected this chapter because it is nicely self-contained and doesn't require much additional understanding of other game concepts. It is an unusual chapter, in that it contains the largest listing in the book. I tried to avoid really long listings, but in this case I think it was justified so that the code in the book actually runs; I hate leaving any code as an exercise for the reader.

Download Chapter 7, Take me to Your Leader continue reading…

Download Chapter 7, Take me to Your Leader continue reading…