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Packt Publising has sent me a copy of Python 3 Object Oriented Programming to review. It's quite a hefty tome and will take me a few days to get through. In the meantime, they have a free chapter to whet your appetite.

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

I'm liking this trend of free books! Watch this space for the review…

I've worked with Django for more than two years now. The majority of the sites I have worked on have been social-networking or content based, but I have yet to do any serious work on a site where the main purpose is to advertise and sell products. So I when a copy of ‘Django 1.2 e-commerce’ landed on my desk I was intrigued by what it might cover that I hadn't been exposed to with other fields of Django development.

Django 1.2 E-commerce continue reading…

Pakt publishing have released a new Django book called Django 1.2 E-Commerce, written by Jess Legg. I'll have a copy soon and post a review here.

In the meantime they are offering a free chapter of the book; Chapter 2 Setting up Shop in 30 minutes.