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Since I've upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04, I figured this would be a good time to play with video editing, which is something I've been wanting to play with for a while. I suspect that video editing could be a killer app for Linux, and there are a few packages to chose from. Kdenlive looked to be the most feature rich, but I'm afraid I found it buggy and prone to crashing, so I settled on OpenShot, which has a clean, simple interface and didn't crash on me once.

Here's the video I put together:

If you know the answer, please don't post it straight away – to give others a chance to figure it out…

Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 went remarkably smoothly, with the exception that audio in Flash was erratic. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Since I use my PC as an entertainment system, this was pretty much a deal-breaker.

Googling for it got me no where. Apparently “no audio in flash” is the Ubuntu equivalent of “i have a headache” – it's a vague symptom that has multiple possible causes. Long story short, the problem was that I had both Flash 9 and Flash 10 installed. Firefox appeared to pick one at random (as far as I could tell), but audio only worked with 10. The solution was to delete Flash 9 – which I couldn't do from the package manager, because it turned out I had Flash 9 installed locally. continue reading…

I may have spoken too soon regarding no having internet access. I just plugged in my Sony Ericsson phone via USB, switch it to 'phone mode' and Ubuntu instantly recognised the phone as a modem.

I did have mobile internet working on an older release of Ubuntu, but not without scouring the internet and typing magic incantations in to the command line. I love it when computers 'just work'!

I'm tempted to try it again in Vista to compare, but I really should get back to the packing.