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Last week I started a new job as a full time Python developer. Prior to that I worked for a computer games company called  Evolution Studios. Evos - as it is affectionately known by employees - achieved a great deal of success with its latest game, Motorstorm, and it looks like they are set to keep producing hit games. There are a lot of great things about working for a games company, and being a games programmer gets you a lot of respect amongst certain circles (i.e. game geeks). So why give it up? Well over the last few years I have fallen in love with Python and I use it at every opportunity. Consequently I have been idly keeping an eye on the Python job board for Python related work and came across a job that I was perfectly suited for. It listed requirements for skills that I thought were incidental, and the work I would be been doing is not dissimilar to the type of Python coding I do to amuse myself in my spare time. Not sure if I can tell you about it yet, I would have to clear that with the boss. Did I say 'boss'? I meant client, because now I am now self-employed! continue reading…

I spent most of 2006 working on Motorstorm, one of the first ever PS3 games. Work gave me a free copy of the recently released Japanese version. If only I had a PS3 to play it on!

Congratulations to my colleagues at Evolution Studios for all their hard work.

In my new job I just don't get the exercise I used to. Sure I can do a little resistance training at home so I don't look too out of shape, but you have to do a little cardio if you want to stay young and pretty for as long as possible. So I decided to resurrect a hobby of mine from my youth and bought a bicycle from a local shop in Chester. It really is true what they say; you never forget how to ride a bike - although my legs did seem to have forgotten they were strong. So I have spent the last 2 weekends cycling about Chester in glorious weather, and enjoyed it immensely.

My cousin Mirren got married recently, and I went to her wedding. I'm not going to bore you with details of people you don't know - this is not one of those blogs. If you are interested though, have a look at the pictures on my flickr page.

Day 2 of my pseudo-holiday led me to the Blue Planet Aquarium, near Chester. Now since I was at an aquarium, you may be expecting pictures of fish. A perfectly reasonable assumption, but you would be dead wrong. It turns out that taking pictures of fish is actually quite difficult to do. The flash reflects off the glass and water, and the little buggers wont stay still. Fortunately there were also bugs* and amphibians to snap.

*Technically speaking, none of the above are bugs. A 'bug' is actualy an insect with sucking mouth-parts. This is one of those little facts that you can quote verbatim in order to appear smarter than you actualy are. I know I do.

My sister visited to day and it gave me the opportunity to go out in Chester and take a few photos with my digital camera. Im not going to bore you with tourist snaps, I'm going to bore you with pretentious arty photos.